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About Pilot Point Texas

Pointing The Way Since 1845

Early Beginnings:

From its early beginnings over 150 years ago, Pilot Point has been a unique community strategically located in the gentle rolling hills north of Dallas, Texas. As the oldest settlement in Denton County, we served as a anchor point on trails used by both Indians who initially settled the area, and eventually by settlers heading west. Centered between the historic Shawnee Trail and the Chisholm Trail, countless cattle drives crisscrossed this area as they made their dangerous trek northward to rail lines in Kansas and Missouri. Pilot Point derived its name because it was home to a densely wooded area located on the highest point of ground between Texarkana and Ft Worth, which allowed the stand of trees to be easily seen across the open prairie land and serve as a trail landmark – Pointing the Way.

Horse Country:

Pilot Point is perfectly located in an outcrop of rich sandy soil that provides perfect conditions for the lush growth of grasses and the gentle soil is ideal for training and working horses. Our area of Texas is home to over 25,000 horses and 300 ranches, serving a extremely diverse mixture of breeds and horse disciplines, from Quarter Horses to Equestrians. Only one county in Kentucky has more horses that Denton County and the Pilot Point/Whitesboro area of North Central Texas serves as the northern starting point for the North Texas Horse Country Tour that reaches southward to Ft Worth.


Countless recreational activities are available at 30,000 acre Lake Ray Roberts, with Jordan Branch Park, located on the west side of town, offering over 400 acres for fishing, hiking, horseback-riding, picnicking, and overnight stays at beautiful Lantana Lodge. Also located nearby is the 1400-acre Isle du Bois State Park with camping, trails and a huge beach; it’s one of the most beautiful parks in Texas and located on a 20 mile multi-use trail system from Lake Ray Roberts to Lake Lewisville.

Location – Location – Location:

Pilot Point is a real estate dream – rich in history; spacious home and ranch sites; minutes from the county seat of Denton County; numerous higher education choices with the University of North Texas (UNT), Texas Woman’s University (TWU), Collin County Community College, Dallas Baptist University, Southern Methodists University (SMU), and the University of Texas at Arlington UTA); the DFW International and Alliance airports are two major transportation hubs located approximately 45 miles from Pilot Point; and the area is home to the best acute and trauma care hospitals in Texas – Baylor Medical Center of Frisco, Denton Regional Hospital, Presbyterian Hospital of Plano, North Texas Hospital for Children at Medical City Dallas, and Parkland Hospital and Burn Center of Dallas.

Rich In History:

Serving as the site for many movies, the city is as rich in history as they come. From early Indian settlements, to western settlers, cattle drives, stage routes, to historic homes and building – we are living history. Antique shops dot the square, which in itself is undergoing a massive renovation and rebuilding effort, starting with a historic replacement of the sidewalks in early 2010. Historic markers are located on buildings and sites downtown to give visitors a short history lesson for the site on the Historic Walking Tour. The city square is recognized on the list of National Historic Sites. See more on Our Proud History.

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